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Isabelle Nastasia

Utopian ends by practical means.
Isabelle has a background in youth organizing, grassroots training, amateur haircutting, racial justice organizing, filmmaking, poetry and non-profit development. Her writings on racial justice and student movement-building have been published in, Waging Nonviolence, The New York Times, Common Dreams, Tidal: Occupy Theory, TruthOut, Alternet and Salon. She is also the assistant editor of Mask Magazine.

My Stories

Leaving the Cops Behind in 2015

Hira Mahmood , Muna Mire , Isabelle Nastasia , Victor Casillas Valle and Queen Arsem-O'Malley on January 01, 2015

We write to you as dispossessed queer youth and youth of color from Atlanta, Boston, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Oakland. Over the past several months we have taken part in a national uprising against police violence and the killing of...

Assata Shakur is Still Welcome Here

Queen Arsem-O'Malley and Isabelle Nastasia on December 17, 2014

Assata Olugbala Shakur is on our minds today. Yesterday, Obama announced that the U.S. and Cuba would normalize diplomatic relations, after almost 54 years of embargo. A White House fact sheet, dubbed “Charting a New Course on Cuba”, outlines the...

Kai Newkirk, Pro-Democracy Leader Speaks about Day 16 of His Fast

Isabelle Nastasia on November 03, 2014

From small-scale actions targeting banks during Occupy Wall Street led by high school students to political organizing trainings to this summer’s 480-mile long March for Democracy, Kai Newkirk and 99Rise have orchestrated ongoing projects calling for an end to corruption....

What Lena Dunham Taught Us about Unpaid Labor—and What We Taught Ourselves

Anwar Batte and Isabelle Nastasia on September 30, 2014

Yesterday, Lena Dunham—whose character on the HBO show Girls is one of the most recognizable millennial narratives in pop culture—was called out by Gawker for “hiring” unpaid opening acts on her book tour. Only a few hours later, under pressure...

We Beliebe that Another World is Possible

Jenny Marks and Isabelle Nastasia on January 31, 2014

Teen pop singer Justin Bieber was arrested last week in Florida on charges of drunk driving and resisting arrest. Because he is living in the U.S. on an O-1B Work Visa, many people reacted by demanding that he be deported....

High School Cheerleaders Flaunt Racist Sign, Face Sanctions: But Who’s Really to Blame?

Isabelle Nastasia on November 19, 2013

In McCalla, Ala., the McAdory High School cheerleading team thought it was a good idea to construct a bust-thru sign (pictured above) that read, in big rainbow lettering: “Hey Indians, get ready to leave in a Trail of Tears Round...

The Revolution Will Not Be (Russell) Brand-ed

Suey Park and Isabelle Nastasia on October 29, 2013

Over the past couple of weeks, actor and comedian Russell Brand has been praised by several blogs and social media users for his viral video and last week’s New Statesman manifesto calling for revolution. The headlines speak for themselves: “Russell...

Immigrant Youth Escalate the Fight to End Deportations and ‘Bring Them Home’

Isabelle Nastasia on September 30, 2013

From the organization that orchestrated the ‘Dream Nine’ border-crossing and hunger strikes this past August, 30 young undocumented immigrants are preparing to cross the border back into the United States from Mexico to the states they grew up in. This...

In White Times

Hira Mahmood , Muna Mire , Isabelle Nastasia , Katrina Casiño and Queen Arsem-O'Malley on July 15, 2013

We here at {Young}ist recognize the need to situate ourselves in the historical moments that mark our experiences as a generation. The death of Trayvon Martin and the subsequent trial of George Zimmerman serve as clear indicators of severe racial...

The Unbearable Whiteness of “The Bling Ring”

Muna Mire and Isabelle Nastasia on June 30, 2013

[SPOILER ALERT] The compulsive re-application of lip gloss. Click, click, click. The ritualistic fluffing of one’s hair and contortion of one’s body to get that perfect facebook profile photo silhouette. Click, click, click. A mouse cursor scrolling over Paris Hilton’s...